Why Choose Music

Music can make our life lighter, also helps us to feel at peace.


Music is an ar whose medium is sound and organized in time. It is composed of pitch, rhythm, timbre, texture and dynamics.


Singing is producing a musical sound by our voice with the use of rhythm and vocal techniques.

Music Production

Music producer is the one who manages the recodring and productions of a singer or performer.

About RSPSOC2010

RSPSOC201 a  website for music lovers who want to be updated with the latest trend of music hits and techniques. We do have a blog section where you can get tips or anything that interests you. Our website is intended to help and give those people who really love music with little resources. So we created RSPSOC because of our passion to music and singing and with our passion we also want to share it to everyone who wants to learn about music, singing, and its production.

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